Our Approach

It is important to take into account that sequencing-assembling the garlic genome/transcriptomes, in the absence of reference genome, is not trivial or straightforward, since such genome is large and complex, with many repetitive sequences and high heterozygosity. That makes sequencing-assembling it specially challenging. Yet, recent technological advancements and our previous experience sequencing/assembling large and complex genomes, allow de novo sequencing such genome/transcriptomes using a hybrid approach.

Our Story

Our project team is multidisciplinary to fit such project, with extensive expertise on sequencing-assembling (olive tree, wild-olive tree and wheat (16 Gbp) by research team members, as well as Brachypodium and argan tree by work team members); besides having recently genotyped a large (417 accessions) garlic germplasm bank by Genotyping By Sequencing (GBS), using DArTseq technology, being the first work of garlic genotyping ever published using sequencing with high resolution power.

Meet the Team